Contest Season

Armed Forces Memorial Aerobatic Contest (AFMAC) May 31 – June 1, 2013, Grenada Municipal Airport (KGNF)

The Aerobatic Box

The Aerobatic Box is an area of airspace measuring 1,000 meters square, and in which aerobatic competitions take place. NOTE: US dimensions equate to approximately 3,281 feet square). Upper and lower limits of the box vary based upon the particular category being flown at any given time. In order to avoid being penalized, a competitor must remain within the lateral, and vertical, limits of the aerobatic box. During competitions, Boundary Judges, strategically positioned at box corners, report boundary violations to the Chief Judge. The Chief Judge, in turn, assesses boundary infringement penalties which are then subtracted from the competitor's score. Dimensions of the aerobatic box, in US measurements, are approximately as depicted in the accompanying graphic.

the aerobatic box